April 04, 2023
Anno Societatis LVII

Unto their Majesties of the Middle Kingdom and to the Populace of The Barony of Brendoken. We, Lord Algar Irenhande of Lincolnshire and Lady Gisla Volva Hrefnudottir, do hereby submit our Letter of Intent for the position of Baron and Baroness of The Barony of Brendoken.

It would be a privilege to serve the populace as Baron and Baroness under the banner of The Barony of Brendoken. We would like to continue the good works done by the four generations of Barons and Baroness’s that have come before and contribute all that we can to the spirit of the Barony.

And here come the accolades of Lord Algar Irenhande of Lincolnshire; friend to one and all, companion to the ones in need and a helping hand to all that ask.

2005 Award of the Golden Shield
2006 Award of Arms
Three-time recipient of The Dragons Teeth award
2016 Award of the Purple Fret
2023 Award of The Barons Star
Chatelain of The Marche of Gwyntarian
Art in The Park event Steward
2012 Baronial Chatelain of The Barony of Brendoken
Twice Baronial Heavy Fighter Champion
And Archery Marshall
In 2021, he received one of the highest honors of his heart and was squired to Syr
Recently, under the request of Commander General Runa Eikbrandrskona, he was given
the charge of Regional Commander for Combat Archery for the Northern Oaken Army.
His artistic endeavors include metalsmithing and leather working.

And now the awards of Lady Gisla Vglva Hrefnudottir:

2008 Award of Arms as Cliodnhna of Scone
2009 Purple Fret
2011 Order of the Star, Barony of Brendoken

Offices held in The Marche of Alderford:
Minister of Arts and Sciences
Marche Herald

Currently the Baronial Herald for The Barony of Brendoken
Past Thrown Weapons Marshall
Chamberlain to The First Baron and Baroness of Brendoken, Alexander of Hawkwood and Catriona nicHugh Mclaey and for the second Baron and Baroness of Brendoken, Einar Fotbrottin and Maerwynn de Warewic.
Seneschal for The Shire of Dernehealde, Barony of The Middle Marches.
Has held several positions for the following events, Masque of Courtly Love,
Brendokenfest and Melee at Roswell ie; Event Steward, Feastocrat, and Merchantcrat.
Household member of Holt Herotus. Pennsic gate & Watch volunteer.

Our intentions are to keep the same good works that have been done by our predecessors throughout the Barony of Brendoken. We would like to be ambassadors for the Barony as our Chatelaines are, greeting newcomers, giving them information about the SCA and linking them up with people in the Barony who will encourage their interests.

We feel it is important to grow our populace through demonstrations as well as printed materials or fun video posts like the Tik Tok dance challenge that Deirdre MakKyneth/ Erin MacKenzie Raper recently organized. We would like to make sure that we are growing and nurturing future generations of what most of us call “SCAdians.”

Our commitment to not only the SCA but the Barony as well, is evident in our friendship. Algar and I have been friends since meeting in 2009 and have continued this friendship throughout the years. We are both retired, financially secure and would have the time and energy to devote to the Barony.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

In Service
Lady Gisla and Lord Algar