Greetings unto your most Royal Majesties, Monarchs of this great Middle Kingdom; Your Excellency Baron Cadwgan, Fourth Baron of Brendoken: and the loving populace of the Barony Brendoken. We, Sergeant Marellus Kilianus and The Honorable Lady Seonaid inghean Ghriogair, also known as Shonna, send heartfelt greetings!

Sadly, the time has come that Baron Cadwgan, after completing his term of service to the Crown, wishes to retire and enjoy life with his family at his country home. The call for a new Baron and Baroness of Brendoken has been heard and by submission of this letter, we humbly request consideration to be the Fifth Baron and Baroness of Brendoken.

In the middle of the North Oaken Region sits the Barony of Brendoken, which is comprised of artisans of varied skill sets, Heavy Armored and Rapier Fighters, Archers, Dancers, Musicians, Bards, Cooks, Smiths, Scribes, Knights, Pelicans, and Laurels. The Barony of Brendoken has a vast wealth of knowledge, and history. Albeit a younger Barony, the populace that reside in these lands are the holders of its history and history of Midrealm. The populace of Brendoken are the hardest working people we know and proud to call them friends and family.

Our history

Sgt. Marellus has lived within the borders of what is now the Barony of Brendoken his entire life He has been a member of the SCA for 11 years. Sgt Marellus is well known for being the man to call when one needs a hand, he’s always ready to assist.
Sgt Marellus is Squired to Syr Silverthorn Temugi, has been a member of the Pennsic Unbelt team these last five Champion Battles, and has been in an officer position of some capacity since receiving his marshallate in 2015, the most recent position was that of Seneschal for the Marche of Gwyntarian. He has been the Baronial Armored Champion on several occasions and is currently Chamberlain to the Baron. He started his service as the Armored Marshal for the Marche of Gwyntarian then did so for the Barony.

Seonaid grew up in what was once called the Shire of Eastwatch. Since moving to the Barony of Brendoken, Seonaid has established a family network within the Barony. Not until becoming a member of the Barony of Brendoken, has Seonaid felt a sense of belonging and with that a great sense of pride that she is part of such an outstanding community. Seonaid has been a member of the SCA for almost 20 years.

Seonaid, known in Society as Shonna, is apprenticed to Meister Cerridwen verch Ioreword for embroidery. She is recognized in the Kingdom for her award scrolls and service. She is the current Kingdom Chatelaine and Baronial Signet for the Barony of Brendoken. Seonaid has previously held the North Oaken Regional Chatelaine office as well as First Deputy to THL Jack Black of Flint and Count Nikolai Grigorevich Petrov during their time as Kingdom Chatelaine. She previously served as Chatelaine for the Shire of Eastwatch as well. During her time with the Shire, she also held the offices of Chronicler and Deputy MOAS. Seonaid was Seneschal for the Marche of Gwyntarian until she was chosen to be the next Kingdom Chatelaine. Not leaving an office empty, Sgt Marellus stepped up and completed the term for her.

As Kingdom Chatelaine, Seonaid spearheaded the “Neck-Wrap Project” in which 2000 cooling neck-wraps were produced for fields of Pennsic. Of those 2000, a gift of 800 were presented to the East Kingdom as a good will gesture with the blessings of TRM Runa and Arch, reigning Monarchs for Pennsic 49. She was Co-Event Steward for Fall Crown Tournament A&S LVII, as well as Event Steward and Feast Steward for several events before moving to the Barony of Brendoken. Seonaid has been a member of Vito’s Minions and Legio Draconis for approximately 6 years, where she does water bearing, textile work, and award scrolls.

If chosen for this great honor, we will continue to encourage growth and strengthen alliances with our neighboring Baronies and throughout the Kingdom. We hope to increase the number of Newcomers in the Barony and help them discover the Magic of “The Dream.” A good working relationship garners the availability to meet and share new ideas, and develop workable recruitment and retention ideas, which will help with the growth of the SCA, the Kingdom of Midrealm, and the Barony of Brendoken as a whole.

As frequent travelers to events outside of the Barony, representing the Barony of Brendoken is something we do proudly. Together we will support the populace of Brendoken through good times and bad.

Having heard the call to serve, we hope that we are found worthy.

Yours in Service,
Sgt Marellus Kilianus and THL Seonaid inghean Ghriogair


Marellus Kilianus

Kingdom Awards:
Purple Fret – 2018
Red Co – Sgt – 2017
A.O.A. – 2014

Royal Augmentations:
Beacon – 2022

Baronial Awards:
Golden Thistle
Barons Star
Golden Shield

THL Seonaid inghean Ghriogair

Kingdom Awards:
G.O.A. – 2022
Purple Fretty – 2022
Willow – 2019
Purple Fretty – 2018
Purple Fret – 2017
A.O.A. – 2012

Royal Augmentations:
Golden Quill – 2017

Baronial Awards:
Golden Alder Leaf
Heart of Brendoken
Golden Thistle


Sgt Marellus is an IT Support Specialist, he holds an Associate’s degree in “Small Business Management” and a Bachelor’s degree in “Computer Information Systems” he enjoys Woodworking, Dioramas, and scale models, as well as an assorted variety of PC video games.

Seonaid is currently doing commission work as a seamstress for a local merchant. Previously she was Head of Development for two Precision Casting facilities in the Lake County, Ohio area for approximately 18 years. She has been a Girl Scout Leader and Co-Leader. She enjoys cooking, baking, gardening, embroidery, camping, and fishing.