Responsibilities of Baronial Champions

  • During the term of service as Baronial Champion, service to the Barony in that capacity is expected. We
    understand that a prospective Champion may have other oaths to peers, households, etc, in place, and
    while We do not want to sever such relationships, it is requested that contemplation of opposing
    obligations between the Barony and peer, household, etc. be thought out and addressed for the term as
  • As a Champion, you represent the Barony of Brendoken and the Society while at events and meetings,not just during your activity or during courts. We, respectfully, request you be mindful of this in all your dealings.
  • The Baronial Champions are encouraged to attend events where there will be a Baronial Presence and represent their field, if possible.
  • Their Excellencies request the Baronial Champions to attend them during Baronial Courts when possible. It is understood that not everyone can stand during Court, and encourage such Baronial Champions to bring a small stool or make other arrangements as agreed upon with Their Excellencies.
  • The Baronial Champions may be asked to be an emissary for the Barony, should the need arise. Each Baronial Champion should teach within their area of expertise. This may be done at an event (Baronial or otherwise), practice, or workshop.
  • Rapier and Armored Champions should be authorized in more then one style, or planning to do so in the future.
  • Martial Champions will be requested to serve within their respective combat units while serving as Champion. As part of this service, it is also requested the Champion assist in training with the fighting force.
  • Currently serving Baronial Champions are responsible for setting up the tourney/method to assist in choosing a successor and will consult with the Baron and Baroness for this purpose. The Champion should make arrangements for necessary equipment, qualified marshals, and communication with site/event staff as needed. The Baron and Baroness will make the final decision for the Champion’s successor based on the tourney/method, the Champion’s advice, and at Their Excellencies discretion.
  • Champions may not serve more than one term  consecutively, as a Champion in the same area. They may however, serve as Champion in a consecutive year in different areas.
  • Their Excellencies well understand the pull and requirements of the modern world, which may affect a Champion’s responsibilities. We request such issues/problems be brought to the Baron and Baroness so a satisfactory solution can be reached.
  • Baronial Champions may be asked to step down if they are unable to meet the responsibilities of their office.
  • Above all, a Champion has the duty to spread their enthusiasm and excitement in their area of expertise. After all, this is why an individual puts themselves forth as a potential Champion. If you are having fun, the rest will follow.