Welcome to the SCA!

Welcome to the Society for Creative Anachronism. If you have reached this page, you are most likely new to the group and looking for more information for how to get started. Our group is open to all people interested in either learning more about the Middle Ages, Renaissance, or earlier periods in history or who like to recreate aspects of that history or both. We do not require you to be completely authentic to join in at events (but if you really WANT to be authentic, please do so. We do draw the line at recreating the cholera and plague.) We have an ambassador called a Chatelaine, who will be happy to help you get started. You can also contact our Seneschal (group leader/president/chairman) who can help direct you to the right people depending on your area of interest. You can find contact information for both on the Officers Page. You can learn more about the SCA and our varied pursuits here: SCA Newcomer’s Portal The Kingdom of Atlantia has pages of links to sites for everything from clothing to food to games and pastimes here: Atlantia A&S Links